Our brands

MPM, RIX, TexOil, LAVR, MeFilter

Our brands

Turboline - official representative of world brands of motor oils in Armenia: MPM, RIX, TexOil, LAVR, MeFilter
MPM - The professional choice for your vehicle:
MPM is a recognized leader in engine oils and automotive fluids designed for a wide range of vehicles. MPM products are formulated with advanced technology, ensuring high performance and engine protection in a variety of operating conditions..

RIX - The Energy of Motion:
RIX is a symbol of dynamic development and innovative solutions in engine oils. With their high quality, RIX oils ensure optimal engine performance, reduce wear and contribute to fuel economy.

TexOil - Technology for the advanced:
TexOil is an expert in the world of lubricants, offering products for those who value reliability and innovation. TexOil oils are developed with special attention to ecology and efficiency, suitable for both modern and classic car models.

LAVR - A new level of car care:
LAVR is a renowned manufacturer of automotive chemistry, providing complete solutions for vehicle care. Thanks to LAVR, every driver can easily keep his car clean and tidy, improving its appearance and extending its service life.

MeFilter - Premium Filters:
MeFilter specializes in manufacturing automotive filters that meet the most stringent quality standards. MeFilter products help keep automotive systems clean and healthy by ensuring clean air, oil and fuel.

At Turboline, we are proud to partner with these global brands to offer our customers only the best. All of our partners' products are thoroughly tested and certified so you can be assured of their quality and reliability. Thank you for choosing us and our brands to service your vehicle.
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